Isabel Gomez is a 20-something blogger, travel enthusiast, and culinary adventurer.  She learned how to cook at the age of 15 after her mother passed away from a year and a half battle with cancer.  Fortunately, Isabel inherited her mother’s cooking genes, which became apparent when she took on the role of Lady of the Kitchen in her childhood house in New Jersey.  She first mastered some of the most beloved dishes of the Philippines, exploring recipes passed down to her from her kuyas (older brothers), Lola Mommy (maternal grandmother), and aunts, Tita Dely & Tita Vivian.  Isabel has since worked as a cooking instructor for children in the East Bay. (Though her nephews and nieces get free lessons in her own kitchen!) Her mother’s legacy lives on through her cooking, and she always lives by the philosophy her mother taught her: Live life. Love others. (Check out the post on the Origin of Live life. Love Others.)

Isabel was very blessed to be given the gift of travel at a young age, as her parents took her on annual trips to Europe or the Philippines. Little did she know, this would spawn a lifelong wanderlust.  Upon revisiting Paris as a 20-something, she encountered a sandwich that changed her life.  Thus, began her love affair with french pastries and artisan bread making.  Even though there is nothing quite like breaking into the layers of bread and pastries that have taken 12+ hours to complete, chewy, drop cookies will always have a special place in her heart. (Read: 2014: The Year of Cookies)

Isabel now lives in Oakland, CA where she and her boyfriend often host dinner parties for their friends and family.  She has got her own KitchenAid mixer now, and she bakes treats weekly at the request of her boyfriend and her two nephews.


Isabel also owns the blog, The Sum of 20-Something, that captures all of the “that’s what your twenties are for” moments: http://www.sumof20something.wordpress.com

Email: sumof20something@gmail.com
Twitter: @izzygomez

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